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-Hope Never Dies-
Learn Ways To Take Control Of All Areas Of Your Life And Reclaim The Hope That Is Yours!

God the Father, God the Son and God The Holy Spirit are waiting to come and abide with you and make it all real.

You CAN have hope again,
and a future.

The Holy Bible reveals God's plan for you.
"For Whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope."
Rom. 15:4

I chose the name INFINITE HOPE because hope always seems to come to me. No matter what stress, distress, depression, trouble, fear, unhappiness, hopelessness, hardship, strain, sorrow or despair comes upon me, and no matter how often, hope seems to spring alive in me. I don't know where it comes from or how it gets through, but it does. It's almost as if hope grabs me by the scruff of my neck, shakes me like a rag doll, and stands me on my feet...
INFINITE HOPE is a non-invasive, non-judgmental Christian ministry of hope, encouragement & motivation. Though I admire and respect many of them, I am not affiliated with any organization, group, ministry or church. I am a Christian who is sharing my ways of coping in a lost and dying world. I do have favorite Christian teachers, preachers, authors and broadcast ministries.

My statement of faith is that I accept God as my heavenly father. I believe his Holy Spirit dwells in me as my comforter and guide. I believe Jesus Christ is his son and that he was born, crucified and resurrected so that I, and anyone who chooses to believe, may have eternal life.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

He that believeth on him is not condemned....
John 3:16-18

Sincerely In Christ,
The Handmaid of the Lord


I use the King James Version of the Bible for my personal bible study.

Other versions of the Bible that I have for research are:

  • Holman Christian Standard Bible
  • New International Version (NIV)
  • New English Bible (NEB)
  • New King James Version (NKJV)
  • Revised Standard Version (RSV)
  • Contemporary English Version

Why does she have so many Bible versions, you ask yourself. All that is not necessary, you think. Well, I have been a writer for many years and the different books help me in research.

I have been blessed to acquire many types of reference books, both secular and Christian. Books cost lots of money so I always look for useful ones at thrift stores and used book sales. I also sometimes order from Edward R. Hamilton and Christian Book Distributors (CBD), two overstock booksellers.

I love reading and writing.


Well, I am glad to say that I am living in the mid-atlantic, where I have been trying to get to for several years. I am not settled yet, but I'm here and ready to continue to do God's work.

I am open to what God wants to do and how he wants to do it. I am receptive to change because I know how to be flexible. I know God is a simple God and we always complicate things and make them harder than they need to be. So, I am waiting for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as to what direction my ministering should take. I do still feel that it will be in small, significant ways and through art.

Pray for me that I will keep my focus on the Lord, that I will continue to seek His face daily, and that I will be willing to give up all for Christ, who died that I might have life.

To get something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done.
(Judy Jacobs)

If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain.
(James 1:26)

The best indicator of what next year will look like, is last year. Next year will be just like last year, unless something drastic happens. (Phil McGraw, Dr. Phil Show)

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. (John 10:27)

The greatest joys are in the things you do for yourself, not in remembering the things someone else should have done for you. (SH)

The light of the body is the eye, therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light. (Luke 11:34)

You become successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal. (Anon)

Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, sayeth the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. (II Corinthians 6:17)

Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve. (Anon)

Turn not to the right hand nor to the left. Remove thy foot from evil. (Proverbs 4:27)

"When you give out good things, you're bound to get good things in return!"
(Jeanette M. Pintar SFPNN)

And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. That ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. (Romans 12:2)

Success does not come to you; you go to it. (Anon)

The heart of man deviseth his way, but the Lord directeth his steps. (Proverbs 16:9)

If you want to change a situation, change your thinking about it. (Norman Vincent Peale)

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God. (II Corinthians 10:5)

Success is steady progress toward one's personal goals. (Anon)

As He which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation. Because it is written, Be ye holy for; I am holy. (I Peter 1:15)

The secret of success is constancy to purpose. (Benjamin Disraeli)

Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. (Anon)

If you want to make your dreams come true..............wake up. (Anon)

Never look back unless you are planning to go that way. (Anon)

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Someday is not a day of the week. (Anon)

Successful people do things others don't like to do. (Anon)

Promise yourself to talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. (Christian D. Larson)

Take a chance, or you'll never know. (Anon)

The best way to predict your future is to create it. (Anon)

The world is he who enjoys it. (English proverb)

If you have tried to do something and failed, you are vastly better off than if you had tried to do nothing and succeeded. (Anon)

There is no failure, except in no longer trying. (Elbert Hubbard)

There Are Many Ways To Experience Hope.

One of the most important ways is to do things for yourself. When you cultivate hope for yourself, you can encourage others, which is another satisfying way to experience hope.

Doing things for yourself means that you don't need anyone else's approval or permission. It means that you make time for yourself, whether it be an hour, a day, a week or a month. You cater to your needs, your likes and your desires, not to impress anyone, but to please yourself.

This is not selfish, but necessary if you want to experience hope, and be happy and healthy.

You Don't Need Drugs

Bringing every element of your life under your control is another way to experience hope. There are many good habits, procedures and processes that, when practiced, help you to gain headway in this ongoing battle, which is well worth fighting.
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I Experience Hope In Little Ways
Getting To Know You
Money Beliefs & Management
Experience Hope By Reaching Out To Someone Else
It's Your Rut...Get Out Of It!
Employee-Employer Relations
Portrait Of An Achiever
A Youth Makes A Good Choice
Time Management
Confirmations, Affirmations and Buzz Words
Safety & Security
Be A Teacher
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Apples of Gold
(we become what we read)

Seen & Heard
(children need our help)

Mind Renewal
(the key to all success)
One of the joys of becoming an adult is no longer having to be ashamed of who you really are.

Do that small thing that you fear and watch what happens. Rarely do the negative results that you expect happen. Watch your confidence and power over defeat grow. JUST DO IT.

Release Rally
(forgiveness is essential)

Equally Yoked
(not just in romance)

There's always hope because there's always you.

This means that as long as you can think you can give commands to your emotions, thoughts and actions. You can succeed and attain your heart's desires.

There is one thing that you can do that no one else can do for you, not even God or your higher power, and that's make yourself do something. No one can make you do anything, but YOU can make yourself do anything.

You can make yourself succeed!

I Experience Hope In Little Ways Like:

kite1 + trying a new food or beverage,

+ taking an early morning walk,

+ buying a magazine I've never bought before,

+ keeping a list of short-range goals and marking off each as completed,

+ writing one sentence each day about something to be thankful for.

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Something Fun

Getting To Know You


You know, most of us are a conglomeration of what others have molded us into. This is often not good, especially when our lives today do not reflect who we really are. Though we may function adequately, we sometimes exist in a confused state, caused by the conflicting molds we were squeezed into when growing up. Sometimes we continue to press ourselves into the wrong molds in our young adulthood as we try to please others.

We have fluctuations in personality, social relations, employment, living conditions, etc. Even if we appear rooted and grounded, we are often miserable and believe this is the way life is supposed to be lived. One way to experience hope is to get in touch with yourself. You do this by studying yourself through a life goals scrapbook/journal. I call it a Life Goals Binder.

My guidelines on starting a Life Goals Binder will help you begin the process. And these guidelines are from a person who could never get into the journaling process! After several starts over the years, I concluded that it just wouldn't work for me. I think my adopting of the scrapbook technique made all the difference.


*Notebook paper
*Pen or pencil
*Cellophane tape or Elmer's glue or glue stick
*Binder, report cover or report folder to organize notebook paper pages

***Optional: Colored divider tabs for the sections of your binder

Start by listing the important areas of your life. List the things you would like to do and what you would like to happen in your life. Once you make this list of the things you would like to acquire and what you would like to accomplish, you will see that they fall into categories, which will be the sections or divisions in your binder. Some of my divisions are:


CLASSES/EDUCATION--This includes free/fee classes, credit/non-credit, courses, free Home Depot classes, on-line, TV, adult education, continuing education, enrichment courses, degree/non-degree, anything I feel will educate me and increase my knowledge, whether it is for one hour, one day, one month or a year or more.

I watch lots of PBS programs that focus on my interests and I keep the program schedules under this section.

Suite 101: free and fee eclectic courses
BUSINESS/VOCATION/PROFESSION--How do you want to make your money to support yourself. What job do you really want? What business do you want to start? What product do you want to distribute? What service would you like to provide? Do you want to be a musician? An artist? A dancer? Welder? Carpenter? A CEO? The President? This section is for what you want to be "when you grow up."

Do you remember long ago when you had that dream? It's still there. It's not too late. You may have to work a mediocre job now, but you can work towards the profession of your dreams, and enjoy aspects of it along the way. This section includes info and ideas on every aspect of what you would like to do. Remember: There are many types of photographers, and many ways to be a chef so you are not restricted to doing it like someone else did, especially if that method does not suit you.

Do research into the different ways to practice your craft and record it in this section of your Life Goals Binder.
LIVING SPACE--What type of structure do you want to live in for the rest of your life and how do you plan to get there? House? Condo? Apartment? Co-op? Country home? Mountain chalet? Beach house? This section is a record of the progression of your living locations.

I had always wanted to live in a studio apartment, so when I last relocated, I looked specifically for one. I recorded this desire in this section of my binder as a step to my main and final living space, the type of house, or final living structure, I plan to acquire. Now I can mark the studio off as an experience I have had, and move on to the next step.

Records like this encourage you as you see your progress on paper, and they help you to make concrete plans for the future. This is a major way to cultivate hope.
TRANSPORTATION--This section is a good place for you to list any type of transportation device or vehicle on your wish list...except it is not just a wish. You are going to get them, one by one. The first and most common, what car do you really want? If you could have your way. And what about a bike? Have you secretly wanted a mountain bike? A beach cruiser? What about a big hog? A Harley. Remember when you used to want one a long, long time ago? I used to want a little Honda scooter when I was a teenager. One day I'm going to get one! List your boats here: a canoe, a kayak, a wave runner, a jet ski, a 50-foot yacht. Don't forget that hang-glider and that WWII bomber.

What about that biggie: a private jet. It's not for everyone but you're either serious or you're not. God can use it all for his Glory and to help others. There is a way to get anything that you want. There is an answer to accomplishing anything that you desire. If you're just dreaming, don't waste your pencil lead and the space in your Life Goals Binder. In this section, lay down in sequence each transportation item you would like to acquire.

Sequence is important because obtaining one item may be dependent upon another. If you want a vintage automobile and you don't yet have a garage, it would be unwise to purchase it anytime soon.
PURCHASES--Behind this tab you will begin a scrapbook of all minor and major purchases of material possessions that you should make. The items include things you have always wanted but haven't acquired for various reasons, things that you know you should already have for your home, items you need that would be upgrades, luxury items and items of necessity. From a diving or sports watch to a circular saw to a brand new side-by-side freezer. From things that you always wanted to reward yourself with to items that you know would save your life in a pinch.

It includes the important things that always get pushed onto the back burner, when you get that lump sum of money, in favor of more immediate gratification. This section is a record of the materials possessions that if you had them would help you feel proud of your accomplishments in life.

This section will help you to focus and save towards the items you should have, and to stop funneling money into impulsive items, temporary items, inferior items and pretentious items.
SOCIAL/RECREATIONAL--What clubs or organizations have you always wanted to join? What groups do you feel would help you and benefit from your membership? Have you always wanted to drive a race car? Ride a horse? Read a poem at open mic night? Is your secret desire to visit the Grand Canyon? Niagara Falls? Kenya? Japan? The historic town 30 miles from where you live? Do you like theme parks, water parks, nature parks, national parks, but never seem to make it to one? This section is where you list all the things you would like to do and places you want to go.

There is this man who a long time ago made a list of all the things he wanted to do in life. Many of the things are quite challenging, some less intimidating. He has appeared on talk shows discussing the many items on his list that he has accomplished. He is a senior citizen yet continues to knock one item after another off his list. It is very interesting to hear some of the things he has listed. He keeps it very simple, such as have 4 children, skydive, see Niagara Falls, ride donkey in Grand Canyon, etc.

I can't remember the exact facts, but I believe the list is well over 100 items and he is over 65 years old. He just one day decided that his life would not be mediocre anymore. He decided not to dream his life away, but to do the things he would really like to do. I am sure some told him he was crazy and that he would never succeed, but he has accomplished a large part of his list. He took control of his future, his destiny and is making it happen in ways that fulfill his self-worth.

It would be interesting for you to place a heading at the top of each of 3 pages:
  • Fairly Easy Goals
  • Challenging Goals
  • Totally Outrageous Goals
My philosophy is if you have a clear understanding of what you are all about by laying your desires out on paper, when opportunities come along you will recognize them. Often, we may say we never get breaks, we never have good luck, we never get chances, no one ever helps us, etc., etc. The truth is that we often allow opportunities to pass us by because we don't recognize ourselves in them, or we don't believe we really want the goal that the opportunity affords. When we allow our thoughts to shift in our heads, to come and go, to drift lazily in and out of our consciousness and play hide and seek in our dreams at night, we don't have enough confidence in our desires to attract opportunities to us, or even to take advantage of them when we do.

Treat yourself and your life like a business. All good business managers know that a business plan should be put down on paper in an organized format. When you see your plans on paper it suddenly becomes real, and you believe yourself.

The object is to continuously add notes and scraps of info about anything that you would like to happen. You can add info that you sought or that you discovered. You can add notes from brainstorming, or from incidental thought.


Write your notes with anything, pen, pencil, crayon, marker, whatever you can find. Write them as lists on paper. Write them as notations on pictures and scraps of info you have pasted or punched holes into and put in your binder. Clip text and headings that represent your desires and ideas and paste them in your binder. Write paragraphs or write scribbles, but write.

The good thing is that you are not preparing your binder to present to anyone, so it doesn't have to be perfect. In most cases, you are the only one who will be referring to it. As long as you can understand what it is all about, it's doing the job it should.


Clip anything that represents what you would like to have or do and paste/tape it to one of the sheets of paper in your binder. Spread brochures out and punch holes into them and put them in. Stop throwing away good used paper, turn it over, punch holes in it, paste your pictures to it and put it in your binder. Cut/tear out whole pages from magazines, punch holes in them and put them in. Any info you receive can be put in your binder if it can be pasted, taped or punched with holes.

Use a file folder or drawer or box for items that are too bulky or thick to place in binder.

Your Life Goals Binder is really a lifelong project because we never stop learning about ourselves. Though you will reach the goals you outline in it, you can always update it with new info and new divisions. You can also create other specific binders. I have a Home binder that has divisions from facade and landscaping to laundry room to guest bathroom.

I actually made my first Life Goals Binder many, many years ago, but I wasn't as consistent with it as I am now. And it wasn't as detailed as the binders I have today, neither was I as focused as I am today. I still remember many of the elements that were in it and think of it fondly because it gave me a good foundation. I owe the success of the binders I have today to that one, made with one of those horrible magnetic photo albums. It was compiled mainly of pictures. I have since learned that notes are of equal importance.

Over a period of time, you will see an information pattern develop. You will clearly begin to see what encourages, motivates and excites you. You will be able to thumb through your binder and see a consistent attitude and personality. As you construct your binder, you will gradually begin to feel who you are. You will recognize yourself in a way that you haven't before. You will begin to make important decisions faster and spend money more wisely. You will even begin to see where different long forgotten elements of your childhood confirm who you really are today.

It is an exhilirating feeling--LIKE COMING HOME.


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Once you get a dream, hold onto it for dear life.
It is your savior, your beacon, your life preserver.
Without it you are dead.
Let this be your lifeline,
"I must bring my dreams to pass,
I must bring my dreams to pass,
I must bring my dreams to pass..."

Know Someone Who Can't Read Very Well, Or At All?

Help And Hope For Parents

LeVar Burton Helps Kids
If you've never watched a kids educational program as an adult, you are missing an opportunity to learn and be inspired. Watch Reading Rainbow on your local PBS station. I do.

Visit Jack Horkheimer's site. His short, short TV program is very interesting but seems to air at odd times, like late at night. My favorite is his explanation of the harvest moon.

Money Beliefs & Management

Letter To A Son About Money

Hi Son: You said you hate money and I wondered how I feel about it. I believe it should be aspired for, not as an end, but as a means. To acquire beautiful things. To take part in a world that has passed me by since childhood. To help others.

There is very little that we can do without money. I strive to control money, to make it work for me. There is a way for anyone to have what he wants, and money can follow you, not you it. I believe there is always a door to where I want to go. Money can help me get there, and ensure that I have a good time once I arrive.

There are little ways to control money and make it grow. The poor stay so because they don't understand a simple principle: If you can't manage $1, you can't manage $1,000,000. How you think about $1 will either attract money to you, or cause it to run out of your life like a bucket of water shot full of holes. Value pennies, nickels and dimes, think long range, and you will become prepared for money to increase in your life.

There is a balance between saving and spending. Discover it and you will see your desires come true. Good habits, patience, advanced thinking and making tough decisions are virtues that I have to learned. They really work.

Money is good and desirable. Without it, I will never enjoy some of the things I love. Son, if because of hard times you focus on your hatred for money, you will never have any. Hatred repels. Focus on the things money can bring, the things you would love to do and have, and the way will be opened for money to come to you as you grow in the understanding on how to manage it.

LOVE ATTRACTS. Focus on what you love, and the things you really hate, like poverty and poor money management, will fall away from you. Money is within the reach of anyone who is serious about having it.

The funny thing is when you think about it,
money is free to anyone who wants it.

However and whatever way you find to generate it, no one will stop you. Just don't lie. Don't cheat. Don't steal from others and God will bless your efforts.

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Wish You Had A Friend Or Romantic Interest?

This site impressed me because it goes further than the average social introduction site. It helps amputees, those with personality problems and other challenged individuals to meet friends. Though we can modify them, some problems we have simply are not going to go away, and we have to accept this. But, they say there is someone for everyone. There is always hope. Believe and keep trying.

I always say I will die trying to reach whatever goal I am seeking. When I draw my last breath, I want to do it knowing that I did all I could to make my dreams come true, whatever they are. If I am always trying, always believing, always having hope, I can then die in peace, whenever and wherever my time comes. I'll know that I did my best.

Experience Hope By Reaching Out To Someone.

kite2 * Befriend a senior citizen who has no one.

* Inspire a young person.

* Smile and speak to someone who looks miserable.

* Tell someone they have food in their teeth, or a black smear of oil on their face. Tell a woman that her bra strap is showing or a man that his fly is unzipped. Then someone may tell you!

* Talk to a blind person.

* Volunteer your help at a catastrophe or disaster.

* Make a pleasant statement to someone you dislike.

* Speak to a person with a motor disability, such as cerebral palsy.

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Is Someone You Know In A Domestic Violence Situation?

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Have You Seen Any Of These Missing Persons?


Seeking Success

A youth stood on the crest of a hill.
On one side stood a grinding mill.
On the other flowed the freeway road.

He started towards the building there.
It was not going anywhere.
It looked so peaceful, quiet and slow.

The highway and it's auto load,
groaned and strained, but flowed and flowed,
towards the horizon and bigger goals.

The mill was rooted bow to stern.
The wheel slowly turned and turned.
It seemed to creak and groan and mope.

He turned and chose the other slope
with hope, that does not flourish, still,
but forward moves like the automobiles.

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Have Questions About Your Thoughts Or Actions? Don't Have Anyone To Talk To? Are You Wondering About Mental, Emotional or Neurological Health Issues?

Get Mental Help

Mental Health Matters



Children Are Precious, Helpless And Should Be Protected

These neglected, hurt and disappointed children in North Carolina need therapeutic foster parents.

Stop Child Sexual Abuse

Do You Know A Child Who Is Being Physically, Mentally or Emotionally Mistreated, Disfigured, Maimed or Tortured?

There Is Help For Child Abuse.

Neglect Of Children Happens Everyday.

Be A Foster Parent

Help These Children Find Their Way To Safety

Celebrate Little Things


+ You would laugh your head off if you knew the things I celebrate!

+ Celebrating little things focuses my attention on the many good things that happen to me.

+ All the little breaks, blessings, benefits and joys in life would go unnoticed if I did not celebrate small things.

+ The celebration does not have to be a big bash.

+ Simply do what is special to you rather than waiting for a monumental happening to celebrate.

+ You can rent a movie or splurge and order a delivery pizza.

+ Soak in the tub with a glass of flavored sparkling water, juice, fruit nectar, or a milk shake.

+ Buy a book, bake your first cake, walk to the art gallery down the street.

+ Light those new candles that have been gathering dust waiting for a special occasion.

+ To celebrate is to commemorate, honor or praise, to mark, to observe, to have a good time.

+ You don't have to be with people to celebrate the little things. Most of the benefit from this idea comes from practicing it alone, or privately.

+ Celebrate any occurrence that reduced stress in your life for an hour, a day or permanently.

+ Celebrate not only the good things that are your doing, but especially the good things that happened but were totally out of your control.

+ My most fun thing to celebrate is when I am in a dilemma and after I have done all I can, I choose to trust that all will work out. When it does, I celebrate! Even when I only won the battle and not the war.

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Missing Money? You Never Know. Some Of It Could Be Yours.

It's Your Rut...Get Out Of It!

animated kite

-- When was the last time you drove a different way to the store, or took a different walking route to work?

-- Have you done something different on a Saturday morning for a change? Get up early this time.

-- What about lunch at work? Or lunch on the weekend? Eat something different, something you have always wanted to try. Or make an old-fashioned lunch and take it in a brown paper sack.

-- What is your favorite color? Is it yours? Or someone else's? Maybe you need to change your signature color scheme.

-- What do you do on Friday nights? On Saturday nights? There are other things to do, other places to go. Think about it and break out of that mold.

-- Have you ever tried to learn or play another sport? There's more to life than football, or bowling, or running. How do you know you won't like hockey? Have you ever went to a game? Can't swim? Afraid of water? Ever thought about taking a few inexpensive classes. It's a good way to meet people like you.

-- What about that game you used to like when you were a child? The one that you were never picked for. That you could never find anyone to join you in? That you never quite learned, but wanted to? It's not over. Now, you can better seek out others to enjoy it with. You can even start your own group. Remember, as a adult you have many more resources and abilities than you did as a child, and your only limits are you.

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Habitat For Humanity Cool Jobs Flip Dog America's Job Bank Hispanic Job Bank Hot Jobs Info Space Job Bank USA Job Finder


Employee-Employer Relations

Supervisor Conflicts

I was reading a Q&A column in which the writer said he kept getting into situations with powerful people at work, and would end up on the street. He said he tried hard to get along with others but seemed to threaten certain people. Now that he was out of work again he was getting very depressed about this recurrence. The advice given, though a little difficult for some to take, was very appropriate.

It was suggested that the writer practice tempering his personality, though it is difficult to not be ourselves at all times. It is better sometimes to just keep quiet rather than be a lightning rod for powerful people.


I have heard an employment counselor advise that on a job application you may indicate that you have 12 years education if you have a GED and that you may also indicate that you graduated. That was relevant years ago, but now applications require that you specify which or that you give the name and address of the high school you attended along with the GED info that they request. Some applications don't give you a chance to elaborate about your GED, and you may need to provide additional info. I still find that counselor's advice to still be important in fostering high self-esteem.

However you choose to list your accomplishment on your application or resume, be proud of what you have. Realize that to most employers a GED and a high school diploma are equal, which is the reason many job qualifications ask for one or the other.

It is important to realize what your rights are as an employee and a citizen.


Unions are good for the average worker because they help employees receive the type of wages that workers are entitled to. They often provide a salary in the event of a forced strike, when negotiations are in progress for benefits. They provide a sense of community, and keep the employee up to date on legislation and regulations of benefit to workers.

As with everything, there may be drawbacks, but unions generally benefit employees.

Direct Deposit for Paychecks

Direct deposit, though convenient, gives your employer access to unlimited funds from your account, even after you resign. This may be a concern if you work in some commission jobs and leave with the possibility that some pending contracts may be cancelled. An employee had his check withdrawn by a company when he left. If he had gotten a paper check, this could not have been done.

DD is a good service if you trust your employer or are not in an industry in which contracts or sales are cancelled often. In this and similar cases maybe the little inconvenience of depositing a paper check would provide more peace of mind.

(info gathered from talk radio and paraphrased)

Quitting A Job During Probation

Most employers inform you during orientation that they may let you go at any time for any reason without notice. What most employees don't know is that if you suspect that a job is not what you are looking for, you may leave before your probation period is up without feeling obligated to give your employer a notice or reason.

You also do not have to list the job on your resume. Though some potential employers want you to account, on their applications, for that time, you may simply state that you were seeking employment, or taking a rest, or attempting to enroll in college, or caring for an aunt, or whatever else you desire to share. It is not necessary to explain how you have been paying your bills, so don't feel that you have to share every fact of your private life with potential employers. And if you feel that a potential employer is asking for non-pertinent information, or asking questions that are an infringement of privacy, politely state that and look elsewhere.

It is important to be honest, but to not give in to intimidation.

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Portrait Of An Achiever

  • Failed in business-bankruptcy, 1831.
  • Defeated for legislature, 1832.
  • Failed in business-bankruptcy, 1834.
  • Fiancee dies, 1835.
  • Nervous breakdown, 1836.
  • Defeated in election, 1838.
  • Defeated for U.S. Congress, 1843.
  • Defeated again for U.S. Congress, 1846.
  • Defeated again for U.S. Congress, 1848.
  • Defeated for U.S. Senate, 1855.
  • Defeated for U.S. Vice President, 1856.
  • Defeated again for U.S. Senate, 1858.
Abraham Lincoln
Elected President of the United States, 1860.
You Cannot Fail...Unless You Quit.

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